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Year in Review

Hi there, welcome to our 2020 Year in Review!

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Tony B Monochrome Monday 4 6
The Dude
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Oh, 2020...

A year for the history books. We began the year in our Capitol Hill studio - ready to dive in for an ambitious year ahead. But like many of you, the first few weeks of March proved to be weeks we will not soon forget.

On March 4, our CEO Carey sent an email issuing all of Substantial to work from home, effective immediately, for an indefinite amount of time. A few weeks? A few months?

Oh, 2020...

Fast forward, we are still here, distributed and working from our homes - existing in the new normal - in the after. To our clients, partners, and community: we could not have made it through 2020 without you. We want to say thank you for allowing Substantial to do what we love and what we do best for yet another year.

Below we’ve captured a little of our lives this year. Books and music, food, beverages - things that helped get us through. We hope you enjoy, and until we meet again...

Fast Facts

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Ode to Capitol Hill

Our neighborhood has been through a lot this year, and could use our help.

Send some love to our beloved Capitol Hill by supporting the organizations below.

NeumosKing County Equity NowUnloop SugarpillOddfellows

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Bops, tunes, & pages

Our Favorite Books and Music

Click this image to shop at Elliot Bay Books.

Our Favorite Books and Music

Click this image for our Spotify Playlist.
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Lemon Monochrome Monday 4 6
Principal Designer, Brit, and Developer, Lemon, participating in Monochrome Monday during Virtual Spirit Week.
Andrew B Space
Carey Star Wars
More Spirit Week snaps: the theme 'Space' featuring Developer, Andrew, and CEO, Carey.
Seattle Design Festival 2020: Remembering the Past for Future-Driven Education, an event in partnership with USC Shoah Foundation & Substantial.

A few of the brilliant partners we worked with in 2020...

  • Airbnb
  • Dexcom
  • Gates Foundation
  • Bezos Family Foundation
  • Eagleview

Our cats, dogs, and plants enjoyed having their humans home.

Finn Fiona Window Hammocks Aug Emily
Freya Window cat in March Jen H
Bridger Snow in Feb Jodie L
Ralp Sideye with Ducks in June Eleni A
Chiuldren in Jan Lemon
Garden in April Josh P

From our kitchen to yours

Recipes from Substantialites

Recipes from Substantialites

To each partner, neighbor, and friend: may the new year be better than the last. We can't wait to see you again.



Thank you

To the artists who made this vision possible:

Lizzie CallenSparkflyChristen Miller