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We’re inspired pragmatists, solving challenging problems today to improve the world tomorrow.


Digital Optimism

We believe that technologists are in an unprecedented position to innovate in service of a more equitable future; a future where the companies that thrive are committed to solving complexity for their customers and creating meaningful experiences. The biggest challenges businesses will face are intrinsically connected to our collective humanity.

Digital Optimism

The intersection of ethics and technology leads to the development of more compelling products and more conscious innovation cultures. We are committed to providing a side by side learning environment and first-hand experience of creating more intentionally. Substantial was founded to imagine and build ambitious products and create responsible, sustainable product cultures for our clients, their customers and the world around us.

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For Our Clients

We’ve worked with hundreds of leading enterprise brands, organizations, and start-ups, scaling innovative ideas into digital products that create positive two-way relationships. With focus and intention behind our collective decision-making, we ensure the needs of your customers are in balance with the needs of your business. Together we will hone your vision and validate product market fit, clarify your business objectives, push the boundaries of possibilities, build collaboratively and guide you to lean organizational change.

Substantial provides a top-notch team who can manifest your idea into an actual product and teach you how to take their principles into the future. Janet Werwolf: WEconnect Health Management

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Cultivating healthy dialogue

For Our Community

We’re committed to being engaged thought leaders in the technology community through dynamic events, community partnerships and our intimate topic-driven dinner series. We aim to create a rich and vibrant conversation about design and technology, including hard conversations about responsible and ethical innovation. On any given week you may visit us to hear a panel on Ethics in Technology, see us speaking on the Evolution of Work, facilitating a Strategic Design workshop or attend a monthly Beer && Code meetup.

Substantial has housed us, hosted Unloop fundraisers and community events, visited the Unloop classroom to engage with students, hired an Unloop graduate as an intern, and continues to show up for Unloop graduates and participants to ensure their success in tech. Gina Castillo: Unloop Executive / Director

Bringing people together to discuss ideas that matter:

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Fostering a creative culture

For Our Team

We hire the kind of people that everyone wants to work with—talented, innovative thinkers who believe that what we build matters. Our passion for our work is equaled by our commitment to the work experience—a values-driven environment where everyone has a voice and learning is as important as succeeding. We attract brilliant people who share our philosophy and tend to stick around, with an average tenure of five years.

I haven't experienced the kind of genuine support that I have at Substantial anywhere else in my life and that is something special. Brit Zerbo: Substantial / Associate Principal

Building creative and productive teams

Commitment to continuous improvement / Investment in learning and teaching / Autonomy to experiment / Cross-functional team from diverse backgrounds / A happy workplace with pets, healthy food and free yoga

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