Trusted Partner Program

Be first in line for our upcoming projects

You want control and flexibility over the projects you take. Our Trusted Partner Program creates an open channel of communication of our needs and your availability & interest.

We are Substantial

Being part of Substantial takes many forms

Everyone has their own approach to their career. Whether it's a desire to travel, leaving time for creative pursuits, or wanting agency over their work, there are plenty of reasons why contract work makes more sense. We understand. We want you to work with us in the way that makes the most sense. Our Trusted Partner Program is designed to make working with Substantial as efficient as possible.

We want to make working with us as convenient as possible.

First Dibs

Our trusted partners will be the first to know about our upcoming work. The early bird gets the worm, in this case, interesting and engaging projects.


Your contracts need to fit your needs. We want to be a reliable place for you to find the work you want, when you want it.

Two-Way Relationship

We'll share our projects, you share your interest. We share our forecast, you share your availability. Works for everyone.

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