Community Profile: Entre Hermanos

Shining a light on our partner, the Seattle-based nonprofit Entre Hermanos

Substantial strives to be an active member of its many communities, whether it’s related to the work we do or the world in which we live, working with a number of partners to do so. We want to let our audience know more about these organizations as all of them are open to support from individuals and companies alike.

For this community profile we introduce Seattle-based nonprofit Entre Hermanos, as presented by Development Manager Owen David.

Seattle Pride — Photo Courtesy of Entre Hermanos

What is Entre Hermanos and what problem(s) is it trying to address? How is it doing that

Entre Hermanos has been building a healthier Latino and LGBTQ community since 1991. Today, we promote the well-being of our communities through: Spanish language sexual health education, HIV testing, support groups and case management for Latinos living with HIV, advocacy for trans and gender nonconforming individuals, advocacy for workers’ rights, civic engagement (now with a focus on voter registration and the 2020 Census), and legal services and clinics for immigrants, asylum seekers, and families.

Our services ease access to life-saving information, services, and resources for those at highest risk of sexually-transmitted infection and facing the greatest barriers due to their intersecting identities. In 2018, 90% of our clients were monolingual, undocumented, and living under the poverty line. Additionally, 90% of our 2019 immigration clients are transgender asylum seekers.

How long have you been involved with Entre Hermanos and what drew you to the organization?

I’ve known about Entre Hermanos since moving to Seattle in 2014, but did not join the team until 2019. I was drawn to the organization because we work at the intersection of LGBTQ rights and racial justice. We not only stand for LGBTQ Latinos who are stigmatized and targeted due to their sexual orientation, gender expression, HIV status, and/or documentation status, but we also work in coalition alongside organizations doing similar liberation and advocacy work in their communities. We are all stronger when working together, and I think our organization embodies that in the work that we do.

Seattle Pride — Photos Courtesy of Entre Hermanos

What are some of the biggest challenges facing Entre Hermanos?

We are growing at an exciting pace! Our budget and team have tripled in the last three years, bringing along challenges associated with scaling up. A big challenge facing the not-for-profit sector as a whole is the difficulty of securing general operating funds — you know, the discretionary money that we could invest on things like technology upgrades, advertising, or compensation that effectively attracts, retains, and develops staff. Funding from government or foundations tends to come with restrictions that make it much harder for us to be responsive to changing needs or innovations. We see tremendous opportunity in partnering with companies and individuals who could invest in our continued growth by sharing their expertise and resources.

What kind of support have you received from companies/organizations? With whom do you partner?

All kinds! It all depends on what brings our organizations together, but we partner with anyone who shares our valued in LGBTQ rights and racial justice. Private sector companies frequently offer donated goods, services, or space to underwrite some of our operational expenses, facilitate our independent fundraising efforts, or give our mission a signal boost. We also partner with other not-for-profit organizations to co-produce programs that align with our missions.

We also work in coalition alongside organizations doing similar liberation and advocacy work in their communities. We are all stronger when working together, and I think our organization embodies that in the work that we do.
Owen David : Development Manager / Entre Hermanos

How can companies get involved? How can individuals?

March with us at the Seattle Pride parade on June 30! We are gathering under the banner “Alas de Libertad (Wings of Liberty),” and will be channeling butterflies as symbols of beautiful self-expression and free migration. Also save the date and celebrate Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with us on November 2!

If you are interested in volunteering, connect with us through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and watch out for opportunities to do things like assembling HIV prevention kits, assisting us at a public event, or educating people on the 2020 Census census.

Companies and individuals can demonstrate further allyship by sharing financial resources that enable us to do our work. We are sustained by corporate sponsorship of our events, workplace giving, and private donations.

Entre Hermanos on radio show Mucho Gusto — Photo Courtesy of Entre Hermanos

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about Entre Hermanos?

We host regular forums and movie nights featuring LGBTQ and/or Latin themes. This month we showed a documentary on transgender activist Sylvia Rivera, who played a central role in the Stonewall Riots leading to the the first Pride in 1969.

Let’s build a better future, together.