Season 02, Episode 05

S.02 / E.05

Jennifer Gaze Director, High Alpha Innovation

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Jen is a Director at High Alpha Innovation, where she partners with the world's leading organizations to launch new ventures and build venture studios. Prior to High Alpha, she led innovation teams at Wilson Sonsini and Mercedes-Benz and advised leading corporations on issues of strategy and growth at Innosight, a consulting firm founded by HBS Professor Clay Christensen.

She also serves as a startup advisor and investor, with a focus on female-led ventures. Jen earned an honors BA from Boston College in Communications, and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. In her free time, Jen loves exploring trails and beaches in the Bay Area with her husband, daughter and dog.

Anyone can benefit from their astronomical growth. And similarly, the profile of founders is now changing. So what's really interesting is that founders from underrepresented backgrounds often focus on markets that traditional investors would consider to be niche markets. But instead of describing it as a niche market, I would describe it as a huge underserved growth market.
Jennifer Gaze : Director / High Alpha Innovation

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