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Get Schooled Foundation: Partner Profile

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Founded in 2010 through a strategic partnership between Viacom and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Get Schooled has helped almost one million young people on their path to college and first jobs, targeting youth from low-income families, racial minorities, and first-generation college students. No direct-to-youth education organization offers our combination of youth-first, research-backed resources; personalized support; recognition for progress; institutional partnerships; secure data management; and a proven track record of affecting the educational trajectory of thousands of youth.

What is your organization’s mission?

Get Schooled’s mission is to help young people get to college, find first jobs, and succeed in both.

What role does technology play in your organization?

Technology is at the core of who we are and what we do. Get Schooled was built on the premise that technology, smartly used, can address some of the structural barriers preventing youth from accessing high-quality information and support on their college and first-job journeys. Not only do our ‘programs’ live digitally on text, social, and our website, but we also tap into the data analytics available from a tech-based approach to learn what is working, where and for whom.

What is one thing your team wish the public knew about your work?

We are passionate learners! The Get Schooled team wants to understand the challenges and opportunities that young people face in school and in work - and we want to help. So we dig deep, read a ton, talk to experts, listen to our youth, and track the data that tells us if we’re making a difference. And across the board, we love this work!

Is Get Schooled optimistic about the future of technology?

Absolutely! Get Schooled has been a pioneer in using technology to address structural barriers in access to quality information and support. The shutdown of schools and colleges, and elimination of jobs due to the Coronavirus, has only increased the need for creative ways of digitally connecting youth to educational and work-related resources and help. We’ve seen even more interest in our textline and across our social accounts (including TikTok!).

How can people learn more about what you’re working on or experience it for themselves?

Join our community! If you want to understand what youth need and how Get Schooled is using technology to address their educational and job concerns, follow us on social and sign up for our textline.

Substantial worked with Get Schooled to really understand the problems we were addressing, the audiences we were serving, and the metrics we wanted to measure. And from there, they helped us develop a product roadmap that reflected all of those. Substantial also helped us refine our scope and prioritize - always coming back to our audiences and goals. Learn more about our partnership.

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