Season 02, Episode 08

S.02 / E.08

Adha Mengis Project Director, Community Collaboration + Design

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Adha designs learning experiences for educators rooted in equity and metacognition. He has always been passionate about excellent pedagogy and supporting people to actualize their innate potential. He's been fortunate enough to work with people in classrooms and schools from age 13 to 65+ and he lives for the moments that I can help anybody take their own ingenuity and bring it to life.

He started his career as a teacher in Oakland, California. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University.

The design field is certainly about what's new and what's exciting, and trying new things and finding out if they work or not. But it's also at the end about people, and being able to connect with people over everything.
Adha Mengis : Project Director, Community Collaboration + Design / Digital Promise

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