SS09: Lows, Highs & Bow Ties

Substantial Sessions 09: Lows, Highs, and Bow Ties

A couple of weeks ago, on-demand car service startup Uber (née Ubercab) launched in Seattle. To celebrate the occasion they brought together some of their new friends (that included us) for an incredible evening of food, drinks and conversation. One problem: no music. They originally planned to have a DJ but once that proved unfeasible they turned to Substantial to put together a playlist for the affair. Always willing to thrust our tastes upon the masses, we agreed. For this Session we’ve distilled that playlist down to its essence. It’s a bit more vocal-heavy than the party playlist, but the smooth grooves still work as background music or as a focal point (at least that’s what we think). Soundtracking your next dinner party just got a little bit easier. Enjoy.

Antena – To Climb the Cliff
Ron Basejam – Into My Life
Fudge Fingas – It’s About Time
Holy Ghost! – Some Children
Woolfy VS Projections – Neeve
Linkwood – Nectarine
Electra – Feels Good (Carrots and Beets)
The Miracles Club – Light of Love (Neurotic Drum Band Remix)
Air France – Never Content
Mark E – Scared

Main image from jjd85262 (this tie is as amazing in real life as it is in pictures).


Dave Peck
August 29, 2011

Hey guys — great podcast. It powered a solid coding sprint this morning.

Any chance there’s a way I can “listen in on” your office music selections? A live broadcast of sorts? I could use a little musical inspiration today — feeling a twinge of ennui when faced with my own collection.

August 29, 2011

Thanks for the kind words. The best way to get a peek at our current office listening is by following our account. We’ve linked it to Spotify so most of the day our office soundtrack is being captured.

We’re always looking at new ways to share our listening though – if (well, when) we come up with something more sophisticated we’ll let you know.

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